Staff Software Engineer - Core Services

Posted Jan 8

You'll be joining a hardworking and capable team of backend engineers building the APIs at the heart of our customers experience. You will be especially passionate about improving our customers' security, working on streamlining our existing APIs, and developing new security products.

You will work on areas including service configuration and IAM while supporting core functionality of Fastlys new product offerings. You will find yourself proposing, building, and documenting Ruby-based APIs, reviewing your peers' proposals and code, and growing as an engineer and contributor to our codebase and culture. We are growing as a mixed Ruby/Go shop, so you will have a chance to learn or continue your skills with our current Go IAM application. For API features that require user interfaces, you will work with UI engineers and designers to build solutions that delight our customers.

You will also work on the evolution of our services, with attention to collaboratively designing data and service boundaries that are scalable and fault tolerant. You will acquire and apply knowledge of the wider Fastly ecosystem to create simple and maintainable solutions. You will use the product vision as your guide while you articulate the tradeoffs of different approaches. You will lead design efforts while also creating an environment where others can grow and make meaningful contributions.

You'll support, and be supported by, the members of the evolving Product Experience team.

What You'll Do

  • Work collaboratively with customer support, solutions, product, and sales teams to make tomorrow's customer experience even more secure and intuitive than today's
  • Take ownership of features from start to finish, facilitating review and discussion with peers and partners, and ensuring features as implemented meet product requirements
  • Work in close partnership with your engineering leaders to build out and execute on everything from project design to engineering standards
  • Clearly communicate upward and outward to set and adjust expectations with your manager and partners
  • Make your support available to your team when and where they need it a time zone compatible with the continental US, where your team will be, is a must for this role

What We're Looking For

  • A history designing secure and user-friendly APIs
  • Experience writing elegant and maintainable Ruby and/or Go code
  • Experience building products at scale that actively take customer feedback into account
  • A passion for learning, and sharing what youve learned with others

We value a variety of voices, so this is not a laundry list. It would be an added bonus if you have experience in ANY of these:

  • Rust development
  • JavaScript development
  • IAM domain knowledge
  • Go development
  • Rate Limiting
  • DDoS mitigation
  • Security-focused products

Misc Info For This Position:

Remote Mix: 100% Remote

Job Type: Full-Time

Regional Restrictions: USA Only

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San Francisco,CA
United States


Job Info:
100% Remote

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