Senior Network Engineer

Posted Jan 6

Senior Network Engineer

Members of Fastlys Network Operations (NetOps) team operate and help build the platform that makes up over 100 Tbps of connected global capacity spanning across more than 70 points of presence. You are responsible for an extensive global network that serves a significant proportion of the content delivered to internet consumers across the planet, with customers ranging from online media streaming services, to e-commerce, to open source projects, nonprofits and more. We take this responsibility seriously

We're looking to add Network Engineers that possess extensive knowledge of how global networks function at scale, and who carry personal pride and desire to work on a critical platform that directly contributes to making the internet better.

We want folks to bring their expertise and opinions to help craft the future of Fastly's network.

What You'll Do

  • Operate and maintain a continually growing global network footprint
  • Work multi-functionally with teams in support of accurate rapid expansion to provide resiliency and stability to our global network
  • Partner in the development and iteration of tools and automation systems that improve how we operate the network
  • Mentor other specialists and internal teams on the complexities of global routing in an anycast-heavy environment across multiple interconnect partners and peers
  • Respond to and lead significant traffic events, of both the legitimate and nefarious kind, regional or global in nature, scheduled and unscheduled, using techniques grounded in routing and DNS expertise in support of automation systems
  • Continual deep-dive of performance based analytics and close involvement with partner teams to maintain a performant global network
  • Participate in a follow-the-sun on-call rotation shared with a globally distributed team

What We're Looking For

  • At least 8-10 years experience of operational, deployment, building, and/or crafting big networks with a sound understanding of how CDNs work and their position in the global internet
  • Strong IP routing knowledge, with a focus on solving for BGP at a global level and with a deep understanding of TCP/IP, and the potential pitfalls of anycast
  • Comprehensive experience that relates to relationship complexities involving well-known global transit providers, peers, regional carriers, clouds, and DNS service providers
  • Comprehensive practical and theoretical knowledge of carrier technologies, including Traffic Engineering, BGP and MPLS
  • Ability to analyze traffic patterns across multiple dimensions using flow-based tools
  • Familiarity with the Arista switch platform or similar
  • Work in a Linux environment, understanding of the Linux network stack, and familiarity with software/automation workflow tools
  • Validated scripting abilities in a common language such as BASH, Python, etc
  • Experience working with alerting, monitoring and visibility tools (such as, Graphite/Grafana, Prometheus, Splunk or equivalent)
  • Creation of or contribution to solution designs with guidance from Network Engineering and Creation of technical implementation plans and TechOps Document

Misc Info For This Position:

Remote Mix: 100% Remote

Position Level: Senior

Job Type: Full-Time

Regional Restrictions: USA Only

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San Francisco,CA
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Job Info:
100% Remote

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