Senior Computer Vision Software Engineer

Posted Jan 8

We are a small team of highly skilled computer vision developers working on an industry-leading photogrammetry platform used by customers all around the world. We have two core photogrammetry products: a real-time aerial mapping solution and a cloud-based scalable image processing platform that efficiently processes drone imagery to georeference, align, stitch, blend, orthorectify and reconstruct - creating thousands of point clouds, 3D models, and mosaics every day. Our customers have mapped over 150M acres from over 180 countries around the world, relying on our industry-leading speed, quality, and accuracy to drive high ROI decisions in industries as diverse as construction, agriculture, mining, conservation, forestry, and infrastructure inspection. We are looking for highly motivated computer vision experts who are excited to work on hard problems and driven to build the future of aerial mapping here at DroneDeploy.


  • Drive significant improvements in speed and quality from conception to production rollout and ongoing support
  • Take ownership of large areas of our existing photogrammetry pipeline
  • Stay up to date with the latest research in computer vision and machine learning as applied to the problems we solve
  • Develop and deploy high-quality unit-tested, production photogrammetry software
  • Collaborate closely with team members to solve tough computer vision problems
  • Drive efficiency through metrics and automated quality assessment


  • Strong academic foundations from a competitive university/laboratory, with a focus on photogrammetry (M.S./Ph.D. preferred)
  • At least five years of experience working in applied photogrammetry technology.
  • At least five years of experience developing in C++
  • Strong track record of developing, deploying, and supporting computer vision products to customers
  • Strong applied math skills in linear algebra, 2D/3D geometry, and numerical methods (polynomial/Fourier approximations, ordinary differential equations, linear & non-linear optimizations, error analysis, etc)
  • Experience with multi-view stereo algorithms, including depth map & mesh generation
  • Experience with structure-from-motion algorithms covering central/non-central camera models, bundle adjustment
  • Experience with 3D graphics and visualization
  • Practical experience with SLAM / real-time computer vision techniques a bonus
  • Practical experience developing, training, and deploying machine learning to solve computer vision problems a bonus

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