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   Seattle, WA United States
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Termly is a rare thing: a growing, profitable startup that has yet to take any outside investment; we are a global privacy company helping small and medium-sized businesses worldwide achieve compliance with the many privacy laws and regulations in the ever-changing global environment. Termlys internal and consulting legal resources ensure the terms and conditions, cookie management, and other challenges are handled for Termlys clients and their end users.

Termly is in one of the fastest growing fields in software today: privacy, consent, and compliance. Legislators and regulators worldwide are continually adding complexity to their requirements, we help small and medium businesses stay on the right side of all of those.

Our goal is to empower businesses to quickly, easily, and affordably manage their compliance, consent, and privacy needs. Transparency and trust between businesses and their end-users is our end goal.

Termlys remote work approach to engineering allows us to have the best people available on our teams. While our headquarters is in Seattle, we embrace a remote-friendly approach. Provided engineers can be online with the rest of the team, typically in the continental US time zones, where you do great work matters less than the work you do.

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