About FR.W

Helping people & businesses at the same time!

.... And We Love It!

How FR.W Started

FindRemote.Work started out as a side project by our CEO, CE Mayo, in November 2019 as he set out to learn the PHP programming language more indepth after resisting it for about 16 years. He wanted a project that utilized data, ecommerce, payment processing and was still challenging enough to leverage his InfoSec (Information Security), Software Development, Design, and Product Management experience. Being an advocate of working remotely since 2010, and then adding in the fact that the project could end up helping people and businesses at the same time, everything came together to begin work on a remote job listing project in his spare time.

By the beginning of February 2020, he realized that he could make a valuable service and website from his side project and started focusing on making it commercially viable using a few spare hours each month. When the governmental COVID-19 restrictions and lockdowns started being forced upon the US and the world in mid-March 2020, the uptick in need for working from home and for remote workers made him realize that a fair priced yet personable remote job listing portal was needed more than ever, so work was accelerated by squeezing out extra time between normal duties for various clients and governmental agencies which already required 10+ hour workdays on average.

Fast forward to July 2021: after adding more features than the original feature set of just an employer sign up and job opening listing engine, the FindRemote.Work website was quietly launched. Promotion started in business and technical groups as well on various social media platforms. The rest will become history.